As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the NYVR group and facilitate the growth of NY’s VR ecosystem, we’ve developed a quick survey to gauge interest in some possible new NYVR events and get some additional info about the projects y’all are working on.

The survey can be found HERE.

It should not take more than a couple of minutes to fill out and it will be a great help to us as we plan to expand the offerings of NYVR. Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Virtual Reality Exercise Comes to NY

Project SingletrackTM is the first iteration of the Velo VRTM virtual reality exercise platform created by Eric Greenbaum of Jema VR.  The current prototype comprises a head mounted display adapted for use during exercise, a variable resistance exercise bike, an RPM sensor coupled to the exercise bike, and a virtual mountain biking course.  The exercise bike is coupled to the computer rendering the virtual mountain bike course such that user exercise input (RPM) translates to avatar movement on the virtual mountain bike course.


Exercise HMD: Update

Since I first presented it a few weeks ago, the exercise HMD concept has adapted and grown up a bit.  The mask portion is made from Kydex, a far more versatile material.  There is still a removable foam liner.  With regard to lens fogging, I’ve used a tiny bit of anti fog coating that I had lying around for my diving mask and it pretty much alleviates any fogging issues.



NY’s TotalCinema360: Turning Heads on Both Coasts

Total Cinema 360 is NY’s own full service 360 degree, virtual reality video production company.   The NY VR Meetup has been lucky enough to try out some of TC360’s demos.  My personal favorite was the kitten cam in which a bunch of young cats were frolicking around the camera (Kitten POV!)  It seems that Adrian and Alex have been making the rounds and impressing people along the way.  Here’s a link to a recent interview they did and a link to their website.  Come to the next VR Meetup and see for yourself!